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About Leon

Leon is a city located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, Spain. It is a municipality of Spain, the capital city of the province of León, in the autonomous community of Castile and León. It has the largest population in the province with about 124,303 people.

The existence of the city can be traced back to the Romans. It stands out for its ancient and modern architectural designs, which are sources of tourist attractions. Manufacturing services are on the increase in the city. In León, winter is relatively cold and summer is warm and dry.

In this article, you will get to know why the city is a good choice to study abroad.

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  • Study abroad programs There are several study abroad programs in León ranging from international exchanges and language programs to partner university programs. The Spanish language Speaking of language programs, it is a perfect option to study Spanish in León. The standard form of Spanish is spoken in the city. These programs cover the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of Spanish. For example, every student at the university of León must take at least a course on Spanish culture. This enables them to practice their Spanish skills. A student environment There are eight universities in the city, one of which is the notable University of León. The University alone hosts about 1,000 international students yearly. This indicates there are many international students in the city. It is a student atmosphere. You can study in León in any institution you prefer whether public or private.

  • - Leon was named as the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy in 2018
  • - Leon leads the ranking of the highest number of bars per capita in Spain
  • - The historic Castillo de Leon was from 1862 to 1962 a prison for common prisoners.

  • - Basilica of San Isidoro
  • - Gaudi’s Casa Botines
  • - Leon Cathedral

  • - Sierra Pambley
  • - Musac
  • - Museo de Leon

  • - Black Bourbon
  • - Molly Malone's
  • - Black Dog
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Some of the programs at the university are Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Marketing, Business Management, Finance and Education.
- Arepa Lovers
- Húmedo

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