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About Murcia

Murcia is a city belonging to the autonomous community of Murcia. It is situated in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, close to the Segura River, Southeastern Spain. Murcia has the seventh-largest population in Spain.

This city is known for its vintage baroque church auditoriums, cultural festivals, and Huerta-based folklore. It also has a well-developed metropolis, buildings, and transport systems.

People fondly call it “Europe’s orchard” because of its history of producing and exporting flowers, vegetables, and fruit crops. Murcia is a popular attraction for Erasmus students because it contains three university campuses. Let us find out more about Murcia.


-University of Murcia

-Catholic University San Antonio de Murcia

-Polytechnic University of Cartagena

More info

  • - According to the City Council, there are a total of 141 different nationalities in the city
  • - The Council of Good Men of the Huerta de Murica was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco
  • - The first university of Murcia was founded in the year 1272.

  • - Cathedral of Santa Maria
  • - Real Casino of Murcia
  • - Plaza Cardenal Belluga

  • - Bellas Artes
  • - Santa Clara
  • - Ramon Gaya

  • - Fitzpatrick's
  • - Garage Beat Club
  • - Sala Rem
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The winter season in Murcia lasts from November to January and it is usually mild. Therefore, you will enjoy a decent amount of sunshine both in the winter and the summer.
In the interior of Murcia, some mountains are home to several wild animals, especially the big cats.
Murcia offers tourists delicious delicacies such as Arroz de Verduras(rice and vegetables), Habas con jamón, Huevas de Mujol and many others. Also, Caldo Murciano which is a local soup delicacy is not left out.

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