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Segovia is a small Spanish city influenced by Roman and mediaeval cultures. It is also located approximately one hour by car from the Spanish capital, making it one of the favourite options for those who wish to pursue their professional studies in Spain.

If you think that studying in Segovia may be a good option, it is worth mentioning that the city is currently focused on tourism, as it is home to many well-preserved historical monuments, both for the enjoyment of the general public and experts. In this sense, in Segovia we can find the Roman aqueduct, the cathedrals, the Alcazar, the churches, the fortifications, among other architectural works.

If you want to study in Segovia, you should know that this city is home to the campus of one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, IE University, a private Spanish institution focused especially on finance and business administration.

Segovia is also home to many of the most important historical buildings in Spain, which can be of great interest if you wish to study architecture.

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  • Weather On the other hand, Segovia has a 4-season climate, in which there is a period of intense cold during the winter and high temperatures during the summer. However, the average temperature is 17.9°C. As for its population, Segovia has 51,258 inhabitants according to the 2021 census, so it is not an overpopulated city. In addition, there are many university institutions where to study in Segovia. Tips for students - Monuments: Segovia is home to a wide variety of historical monuments, including the Segovia aqueduct and the Segovia cathedral. - Festivals: Segovia hosts the Titirimundi festival, where puppeteers from all over the world perform. This event takes place every May. There is also the Segovia Music Festival between July and August, which has been held for many years. It brings to the city several performers of the international scene. - Recreational areas: Among the students' favourite places for recreation is the Jewish quarter, where the Jews lived until their expulsion in 1492. Also, it is important to mention that in the surroundings of the Plaza Mayor of Segovia it is possible to find several restaurants and bars to listen to good music, go out for dinner with friends, etc. - Cinema: The Artesiete Segovia Cinema is one of the most famous in the city to enjoy movie premieres, ballet and even opera pieces in digital video. - Means of transportation to move around Segovia: it is important to mention that Segovia has a green belt around the city that allows people to move around by
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There are 3 ways to get to Madrid from Segovia if you don't have a car: Using the AVE train via Chamartin from Guiomar. Another way is by taking a bus from the Segovia Bus Station and, finally, through car sharing from some official transport lines such as BlaBlaCar.
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