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Valladolid is a city located along the Pisuerga river, southwest of Burgos, Spain. It is the primary seat of government of the autonomous community of Castille and Leon. As of the latest population count in 2021, Valladolid had more than 300,000 people.

Valladolid's economy is centered on the automotive industry. This city is also a hub for Spanish language tourism. One of the most crucial festivals in Valladolid is Easter. This period is usually a show of art, devotion, and spiritualism.

The city is also home to the professional football club - Real Valladolid. The Estadio José Zorrilla stadium has a seating capacity of 27,846. Why should Valladolid be your choice destination for studying Spain? Keep reading to know the answer.

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  • The Spanish language Valladolid is one of the places to learn and practice Spanish in its purest form because of its history. The city was once the capital of Spain between 1601 and 1606. So if you are interested in traveling abroad to learn Spanish, it is a very good move to study Spanish in Valladolid. For example, the language of instruction at the University of Valladolid is Spanish. All courses are taught in Spanish which is an indication of intensive practice of the language. It provides an opportunity to communicate with the language regularly and also adapt to the culture. There are also Spanish language courses to supplement the regular classes. Weather Valladolid has a slightly continental climate because it elevates 700 meters above sea level. It has averagely cold winters and hot summers. The summer period lasts from June to August. The days are hot while the nights are cool, with Valladolid's temperature dropping to about 57 °F. The extremely hot days are few. Winter (December to February) is usually cold. It is also normal to see some rainfall. In December and January, you will see fog in the early hours of the day. Sometimes, there are intense cold waves. Snowfall occurs on Valladolid weather timeline, but it does not accumulate on the ground. Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November) are the best periods in Valladolid. The weather is usually great for outdoor activities. Attention to International students The University of Valladolid International Relations Office set up the International Welcome Point(IWP), to provide comprehensive guidance to those visiting the University and the city. This ensures that foreigners, as well as students, have access to the information they need to be integrated into society without much struggle. There is a wide range of courses that you can apply for in the city. There are various programs for bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctoral degrees. Universities Valladolid has two universities; a public university bearing the name of the city and another private university - University of Valladolid - Miguel de Cervantes European University

  • - In the year 1601 Valladolid was the capital of Spain
  • - Christopher Columbus died in the city of Valladolid
  • - Miguel de Cervantes finished writing "Don Quijote" in Valladolid.

  • - Campo Grande
  • - Plaza Mayor de Valladolid
  • - Church of San Pablo

  • - Museo Oriental
  • - Museo de Valladolid
  • - Museo Casa de Cervantes

  • - Kafka
  • - El Desierto Rojo
  • - La Piel del Oso
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Valladolid is a good place to enroll in study abroad programs as an international student. You can apply for exchange programs once you meet the prerequisites. Spanish language learning is core in the city, and there are also internship programs.
The city has a vibrant student atmosphere because there are lots of people studying at the University of Valladolid. A larger population of students in the city are exchange students. There is room for socialization depending on your preferences.
There are six different levels of Spanish:

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