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EIT Innoenergy

Barcelona, Spain

Average tuition fee€18,000
Number of students300

About university

EIT InnoEnergy School is an esteemed institution dedicated to promoting education and innovation in the field of sustainable energy. Recognized as a key player in the European energy sector, EIT InnoEnergy School strives to address global energy challenges and contribute to a sustainable future through its commitment to education, research, and entrepreneurship

As an integral part of EIT InnoEnergy, a pan-European organization, EIT InnoEnergy School fosters collaboration among academia, industry, research, and innovation in the energy domain. Since its establishment in 2010, EIT InnoEnergy has been working diligently to expedite the development and implementation of sustainable energy technologies and solutions. The organization collaborates closely with industry partners, startups, and research institutions to facilitate cooperation, knowledge sharing, and the commercialization of innovative ideas

EIT InnoEnergy School offers a diverse range of educational programs tailored to equip students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset required for success in the dynamic energy sector. These programs encompass master's degrees, executive courses, and Ph.D. studies, all meticulously designed to meet industry demands and address the intricate challenges associated with the energy transition

One of the distinctive features of EIT InnoEnergy School is its interdisciplinary approach. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of sustainable energy solutions, the school brings together students and faculty members from various disciplines, including engineering, business, and entrepreneurship. This collaborative environment fosters the exchange of ideas, promotes innovation, and prepares graduates to tackle real-world energy issues from a comprehensive standpoint

At EIT InnoEnergy School, emphasis is placed on experiential learning and practical engagement. Students actively participate in hands-on projects, internships, and industry placements, enabling them to gain invaluable industry experience and establish connections with potential employers. These immersive experiences cultivate a deep understanding of the energy sector, its technologies, and its business dynamics, while fostering essential skills such as project management, teamwork, and entrepreneurial acumen

Additionally, EIT InnoEnergy School fosters a thriving ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. The school provides comprehensive support to aspiring entrepreneurs, including tailored incubation programs, mentorship opportunities, and access to an extensive network of industry experts and investors. This support framework empowers students to transform their ideas into viable businesses, thereby driving progress in the energy transition and making a positive impact on society

In conclusion, EIT InnoEnergy School is a prestigious institution that combines outstanding education, cutting-edge research, and an entrepreneurial spirit to shape the future of sustainable energy. By equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead the energy transition, EIT InnoEnergy School plays a pivotal role in creating a more sustainable and prosperous world for future generations.

Student Testimonials

Studying at EIT InnoEnergy School has been a transformative experience for me. The program in Renewable Energy Engineering offered a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications. The faculty members are experts in their fields, and their passion for sustainable energy is contagious. The hands-on projects and industry internships provided me with invaluable real-world experience, preparing me to tackle the challenges of the energy sector. I am confident that the skills and network I gained here will propel my career in renewable energy to new heights.

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  • McKinsey & Company
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Address: Carrer de Jordi Girona, 29, 08034 Barcelona

Website: http://www.innoenergy.com/


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