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Average tuition fee€7,500
Number of students350

About university

Campus Spain is an institution that promotes Spain as a study destination. It was founded in 2015. It helps international students to choose the most suitable Spanish university and supports them in the admission process. The institution also offers a unique preparatory Spanish LCA (Language, Culture, and Adaptation) course for international students. It is a 7 to 10 months university program delivered by the State University of Vigo, northeastern Spain.

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Studying abroad in Spain offers a range of benefits for international students, encompassing top universities, rich Spanish culture, and extensive study abroad programs. With scholarships, affordable options, and a robust higher education system, studying in Spain equips students with advantages for personal growth and future careers. Immerse yourself in Spanish language programs, vibrant student life, and seize opportunities for an enriching study experience. Discover the diverse cultural and educational landscape of Spain with StudiesIn.


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