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Average tuition fee€1,500
Number of students35980
National Ranking12
QS Ranking401

About university

The Universidad de Málaga is an esteemed institution of higher education located in the coastal city of Málaga, Spain. With a focus on academic excellence and a diverse range of programs, the university offers students an enriching educational experience

The Universidad de Málaga is recognized for its academic offerings across various disciplines, including Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, Humanities, Health Sciences, and Business. The dedicated faculty members are committed to providing students with quality education and fostering intellectual curiosity

Established in 1972, the Universidad de Málaga has grown into a prominent institution. As a public university, it plays a significant role in regional development and societal advancement. The university promotes innovation and critical thinking, encouraging students to engage in research and development activities

The Universidad de Málaga boasts modern facilities, well-equipped laboratories, and research centers that support practical learning and collaboration. The university actively seeks partnerships with national and international institutions, providing students with opportunities for exchanges, internships, and research projects

Student success is a priority at the Universidad de Málaga. The university offers comprehensive support services, including academic advising and career guidance, to help students achieve their goals. The campus provides a vibrant atmosphere with extracurricular activities, cultural events, and student organizations that foster personal growth and a sense of community

Choosing the Universidad de Málaga for higher education ensures a transformative experience. Whether pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral studies, students can expect an inclusive and intellectually stimulating environment that prepares them for successful careers and lifelong learning

In conclusion, the Universidad de Málaga offers a dynamic and enriching educational environment. With its commitment to academic excellence, diverse programs, modern facilities, and supportive community, the university provides an exceptional educational experience that prepares students for success in their chosen fields and encourages positive contributions to society.

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Student Testimonials

Studying at Universidad de Málaga has been an incredible experience. The university offers a wide range of programs in my field of interest, Social Sciences. The professors are highly knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects, and they create a stimulating learning environment. The university's modern facilities and well-equipped libraries have been instrumental in my studies, providing resources and support for research and academic growth. The university also encourages student participation in extracurricular activities and offers various cultural events that enhance the overall university experience. I am grateful for the opportunities and knowledge I have gained at Universidad de Málaga.

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  • María Teresa Campos Luque: is a Spanish journalist and television presenter
  • Vanesa Martín Mata: a Spanish singer, poet, and song writer
  • Alberto Garzón: a Spanish politician and economist, currently the Spanish Minister of Consumer Affairs.
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Address: Av. de Cervantes, 2, 29016 Málaga

Phone: + 952 13 10 00

Website: https://www.uma.es/


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