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Average tuition fee€2,800
Number of students27280
National Ranking14
QS Ranking435

About university

Welcome to the Universidad de Oviedo! Established in 1608, the Universidad de Oviedo is a reputable public university located in the city of Oviedo, in the Principality of Asturias, Spain. With a long-standing history, the university is known for its academic programs, research contributions, and community engagement

The Universidad de Oviedo offers a diverse range of academic programs across various disciplines, including humanities, social sciences, engineering, natural sciences, health sciences, and more. Students have the opportunity to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees, acquiring knowledge and skills for their future careers

The university's faculty comprises experienced professors and researchers who are dedicated to teaching and research. Their expertise fosters a stimulating learning environment that promotes intellectual growth and critical thinking

Research is a fundamental aspect of the Universidad de Oviedo's mission. The university actively supports scientific investigation and innovation, collaborating with national and international partners to address important societal challenges. Through its research centers and institutes, the university participates in cutting-edge projects that contribute to advancements in various fields

The Universidad de Oviedo provides students with modern facilities, including laboratories, libraries, and technological resources, enhancing their educational experience. The university also encourages internationalization, offering exchange programs and partnerships with renowned institutions worldwide, enabling students to broaden their horizons and embrace different cultures

Apart from academics, the Universidad de Oviedo emphasizes holistic student development. The university offers extracurricular activities, such as sports, cultural events, and student organizations, providing opportunities for students to explore their interests and engage with their peers

Whether you are considering enrollment, pursuing research, or part of the community, the Universidad de Oviedo invites you to become a part of its vibrant academic community. Discover a quality education, a supportive environment, and avenues for personal and professional growth at the Universidad de Oviedo.

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Student Testimonials

The University of Oviedo has been an exceptional place for me to pursue my studies in Computer Science. The faculty members are not only highly knowledgeable but also incredibly supportive, always available to provide guidance and encouragement. The university's modern facilities and cutting-edge technology have provided me with a stimulating learning environment. The hands-on approach to learning, coupled with practical projects and internships, has helped me develop essential skills for my future career. The university also fosters a strong sense of community, with various student organizations and events that allow me to connect with like-minded individuals. Studying at the University of Oviedo has been a rewarding experience, and I am confident that the skills and knowledge I am gaining here will prepare me for success in the field of computer science.

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  • Leopoldo Alas Clarín, journalist and writer
  • Armando Palacio Valdés, novelist and critic
  • Melquíades Álvarez, politic
  • Antonio Flores de Lemus, economist and politic
  • Ramón Pérez de Ayala, novelist
  • Alejandro Casona, poet and playwright
  • Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, novelist
  • Luis Suárez Fernández, historian
  • Carlos Bousoño, poet
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Address: C. San Francisco, 3, 33003 Oviedo, Asturias

Phone: +985 10 30 00

Website: https://www.uniovi.es/


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