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Partner with StudiesIn to access Spain's Biggest university network

150+ Universities with 12,000+ programs at your fingertips.

Gain unparalleled access to Spanish higher-education through our extensive network of partner universities and language institutions. From counselling to landing services, we ensure every student, regardless of budget constraints, receives end-to-end support, turning lost opportunities into lucrative revenue streams for education agencies worldwide.

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What Makes Us Different?

Effortless Revenue

Simply upload your leads and we handle the entire process – from consultation to enrollment at top Spanish universities (public & private). Convert Students who did not fit your offering before and still be able to earn high commissions.

Seamless Student Journey

Partnering with StudiesIn reinforces your agency's commitment to excellence. We share your dedication to delivering exceptional experiences for students, strengthening your brand and attracting new clients.

Affordable program's = High conversion

Attract students with budget-friendly Spanish programs, even those priced out of US/UK options.

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Explore your dashboard and see ways to submit your student enquiries andto track their application stage. Submit leads to have Spanish experts talk and help your students understand how Spanish education works with information on their programs. Have a studiesin convert leads automatically for you while you focus on other.

Track & Earn:

You have an option to ay for our starter service the Orientation package directly for the student for us to carry out a comprehensive eligibility check for your student along with a short-list of top university and a call with a pathway specialist to understand end-to-end on all the processes and career guidance.

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Partner Testimonials

"As an education consultant, I struggled to handle Spanish student inquiries effectively until I partnered with StudiesIn. Their comprehensive guidance on shortlisting, admissions, and requirements transformed the way I do business. By leveraging their expertise, I turned what could have been missed opportunities into successful deals. I highly recommend StudiesIn to anyone in the education sector."

Clara Mendez

International Education Coordinator

"Partnering with StudiesIn has markedly improved our operational efficiency when dealing with inquiries for studying in Spain. Their expert insights into university admissions and application processes allowed us to streamline our services and significantly improve our success rates. Their team's dedication and deep knowledge of the Spanish education system have made them an invaluable partner. I can confidently say that StudiesIn is an essential asset for any educational consultancy aiming to excel in the Spanish market."

Michael Pearson

Director of Global Education Services

"Working with StudiesIn has been transformative for our agency. Their mastery in navigating the intricacies of Spanish educational institutions has enriched our service offerings and heightened our credibility with clients. With StudiesIn's support, we have been able to expand our reach and convert more inquiries into successful enrollments. Their professionalism and precise guidance have greatly contributed to our growth and client satisfaction. Any agency looking to specialize in Spain should consider StudiesIn as their first choice."

Lucy Tran

Head of International Admissions

"Before partnering with StudiesIn, I struggled to navigate the complexities of Spanish student
inquiries. Their guidance on shortlisting, admissions, and requirements was a game-changer for
my consultancy business. By entrusting Spanish inquiries to them, I not only enhanced the quality
of service for my clients but also boosted my bottom line. StudiesIn exceeded my expectations and
helped me succeed in a competitive market."

Thomas Richter

Study Abroad Advisor

"StudiesIn revolutionized my approach to handling Spanish student inquiries. Their in-depth
knowledge of shortlisting, admissions, and requirements empowered me to provide better
assistance to my clients. Delegating Spanish inquiries to them was a smart business move that
turned potential losses into profitable outcomes. Thanks to StudiesIn, I'm now more efficient and
effective in serving my students."

Amina Yusuf

Senior Partnership Manager
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Will I be able to see all the students that I have submitted and track their status?

YES! You can see on your dashboard the number of students you have submitted. Once you click on your number of submitted students you will be able to view it in your student report section, their status in the enrolment process. If you have submitted a student for Studiesin to convert for you and if the student has paid for any package the same will be shown in the student report section.

How long does it usually take for Studiesin to convert a student after submission?

Our usual sales cycle last between 3-6 days after the initial free call with our Spanish education expert has been completed. After subscription of the orientation package it takes around 24-48 hours for them to get their eligibility check along with their study options compatible to their academic documents.

How do I track my commissions and the duration of the payouts?

Our partnership manager will be reviewing each package which has been sold through the platform and subsequently have either a monthly, quarterly and annual payout system. All the commissions will be visible on your dashboard section and your dedicated partnership manager will have recurring calls with you in order to ensure  all the information and provide further value to our businesses relationship