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The First Study Abroad Portal for Public and Private Education in Spain

Build Your Study Abroad Plan

Leverage our unique Study Abroad Plan system! Get personalized guidance, tailored course selection, and a step by step plan to realise your academic journey to Spain, starting with an academic video orientation to determine which programs you are eligible for.

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Expert-Led University Application

Leverage our expertise to navigate the application process with ease. Benefit from end-to-end support, from document preparation to submission, ensuring a smooth path to your desired Spanish university.

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Move to Spain Effortlessly

Experience a hassle-free move to Spain with comprehensive support in obtaining your visa, finding the perfect housing, and securing your residence permit, making your transition as smooth as your acceptance letter.

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Will StudiesIn assist with visa arrangements and the process?

Certainly! We are committed to offering extensive support and guidance throughout the visa application process. Our team of experienced professionals will provide valuable assistance in collecting the required documents, ensuring that you fulfill all the necessary criteria, and facilitating the scheduling of appointments with the embassy. In the unlikely scenario of a visa rejection, we can also provide help in pursuing an appeal. You can rely on our dedicated support to navigate the visa process smoothly and effortlessly.

How longdoes the student visa process take?

The student visa process can take between 1-4 months, depending on the country of origin. It is of paramount importance that you collaborate closely with our specialized immigration lawyer and listen to our advise to get the process done as quickly as possible.

Do I need a blocked account for a Spanish student visa?

You need to prove financial solvency equally to 100%of the IPREM per month of the visa duration you are applying for. In 2023, IPREM equals 600 € monthly or 7,200 € for 12 months. You need to provide a bank statement proving the source of the funds, which needs to be legalized and translated through the proper channels. 

Can I work with a student visa?

With a Spanish student visa, you are allowed to work up to 30h per week. During summer break, when there are no classes you are even able to work up to 40h per week. However, it comes with limitations. Work cannot become the main source of livelihood at the economic level of the student, as your primary purpose for the student visa is studying. The working contract must be part-time, and never coincide with or overlap with school hours or class training.

Are the services in all packages handled by experts?

Yes, all our premium service packages are managed by a team of dedicated professionals, each specializing in their respective stages of the process. For university admission requirements, a knowledgeable educational consultant will guide you. The visa application process is facilitated by an experienced Spanish Migration lawyer, and our consumer success team is available to assist you with landing services.

Can I personalize the packages or include additional services?

While our premium service packages are designed to provide comprehensive support, we understand that you may have specific requirements or preferences. Feel free to reach out to our team, and we will be delighted to discuss tailoring a package that aligns with your needs.

What is the eligibility check?

The eligibility check takes the study shortlist to the next level. Our admissions experts evaluate your academic performance and make an internal grade evaluation assessing your foreign transcripts towards the Spanish education system. Additionally, our consultant considers specific program prerequisites like language proficiency and standardized test scores. Based on our internal evaluation we can precisely predict which study programs you are eligible for and what are the pathways you can take to increase your opportunities.

What if I don't meet the eligibility criteria for a specific university or program?

If you don't meet the admission requirements for a particular university or program, there's no need to worry. Our experienced educational consultants specialize in finding alternative pathways and options for students like you. They will closely collaborate with you to explore other universities or programs that align with your interests and aspirations. Our ultimate aim is to help you discover the best study abroad opportunities available, taking into consideration your qualifications and goals.

Is there a refund policy for the premium service packages?

Our refund policy may vary depending on the circumstances. For detailed information regarding refunds, please consult our terms and conditions or get in touch with our team. We are here to provide you with the necessary assistance and guidance.