International Student Health Insurance

Full private health care from one of Spain's top health care providers with more than 25,000 specialist available to you. Our student-tailored medical insurance plan covers all needs for international students in Spain and is 100% Visa proof. We negotiate with providers in bulk, so we can provide your Health care, Dental and Travel insurance globally at a discounted price.

Fun fact: Spain's health care is listed the 7th best in the world, and we provide it for half the price.

Why choose our

why choose us?

Student Health Insurance

Visa-Proof Insurance Guarantees Student Visa Success

Acquiring a student visa for Spain necessitates having health insurance recognized by the Spanish government. Our student health insurance plan holds an esteemed A-grade rating, elevating your chances of obtaining your student visa successfully.

Budget-Friendly Premiums

We know your study abroad budget is tight, which is why we offer competitively priced cheap premiums for our insurance plan. Our aim is to lower your financial burden, enabling you to concentrate on your studies without bothering with medical expenses or language barriers.

Health, Dental, Travel

Our student health insurance plan offers comprehensive coverage tailored to the needs of international students studying in Spain. From hospitalization and surgeries to consultations, medications, and even dental care, our plan ensures you are protected against a wide range of medical expenses.

What does it cover?

International Health Insurance


Success Stories

Having student health insurance from StudiesIn was a great relief during my time studying in Spain. I had peace of mind knowing that I had comprehensive coverage for medical expenses. The claims process was simple, and their customer support team was always there to help.

Maria S.

I am extremely grateful to StudiesIn for providing me with student health insurance. Their plan not only covered my medical needs but also included free basic dental care. It was so cheap, and their service was exceptional throughout my stay in Spain.

David R.

Dealing with health issues while studying abroad can be overwhelming, but thanks to StudiesIn's student health insurance, I had a stress-free experience. Their coverage included so much, and I had the flexibility to choose healthcare providers that suited my needs. I recommend their services to any student in Spain.

Lina M.

I had to make a few claims during my time as an international student in Spain, and I must say that StudiesIn exceeded my expectations. They processed my claims quickly and provided reimbursement without any hassle. Their student health insurance is a must-have for anyone studying abroad.

Alejandro G.

Choosing StudiesIn for my student health insurance was one of the best choices I made. Not only did they offer competitive premiums, but their coverage was comprehensive and met the requirements for my student visa. Their team was friendly, responsive, and made the entire process seamless. Highly recommended for all students in Spain!

Sophie L.
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Who Is Eligible For Student Health Insurance?

Our student health insurance is available to international students of all nationalities who are currently enrolled in or in the process of applying to an educational institution or university in Spain. There are different prices depending on age and medical history.

What Does Student Health Insurance Cover?

Our student health insurance provides comprehensive coverage for a wide range of medical expenses, including hospitalization, surgery, consultations, and 24-hour emergency medical services. It also includes dental insurance and travel insurance for Spain and abroad.

Is the Student Health Insurance Recognized By the Spanish Government?

Yes, our student health insurance plan is recognized by the Spanish government and meets the requirements for obtaining a student visa. Our award-winning private health insurance ensures the best chance of student visa approval.

How Much Does the Student Health Insurance Cost?

The cost of student health insurance depends on the coverage options and duration of the chosen plan. We offer competitive and affordable premiums tailored to suit the needs of international students.

How can I purchase student health insurance?

Purchasing student health insurance is convenient and straightforward. Fill the form and a StudiesIn counsellor will get in touch with you to choose the plan that fits your requirements. Our enrollment process is user-friendly, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Can I Choose My Healthcare Providers With the Student Health Insurance?

Yes, our student health insurance plan allows you the freedom to select healthcare providers of your choice. You can visit doctors, specialists, hospitals, and clinics within our network or even outside it, depending on your plan. Excluding hospitals from Grupo Quirón in Spain.

How Do I Make a Claim With the Student Health Insurance?

Making a claim with our student health insurance is a straightforward process. Simply gather the necessary documentation, such as medical reports and bills, and submit them to the insurance claims department. There is an efficient claims process for quick reimbursement.

Can I Extend My Student Health Insurance Coverage?

Yes, you have the option to extend your student health insurance coverage if required. Get in touch with our customer support team to discuss your needs and explore the available options for extending your coverage. Our team will contact you if you approach the insurance period deadline.