Get Relevant and Realistic Information About Your Study Options in Spain.

Testimonias - Landingly X Webflow Template
Testimonias - Landingly X Webflow Template
Testimonias - Landingly X Webflow Template
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What Do You Get?

📚 Shortlisting of Your Study Options
We will work together to match your interests with the study options and universities available.

🕵️ Eligibility and Background Check
Some courses have specific requirements. We will examine your case to see if you are a perfect candidate for the courses you are interested in.

🤔 Application Inquires
All of your doubts will be addressed, as will universities, Spanish cities, courses, legal documentation, and much more.

🤑 100% Discounted
If you end up booking one of our student packages, the fee for this call will be fully discounted  ✨

€99 / Full package
  • Shortlisting of your Study Options

  • Study Abroad Expert Consultation

  • Eligibility and Background Check

  • Personalized Study Abroad Plan

  • Do-It-Yourself Video Course

  • Access Discounts up to 40%

If you decide to buy one of our services later on, the fee for this package will be fully discounted!  

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A consultation call allows you to meet with an international studies expert who can provide you with personalized advice and support. You can discuss any questions or concerns you have about your studies and receive practical an realistic advice about your study options in Spain.