Top 5 Motivational Speeches for Students

12/14/2022 9:45 AM
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As a student, finding the motivation to pursue higher studies can be challenging. You need to consider the program you want to enrol into, the cost of yearly tuition, the difficulty of the program and accommodation. And as technology continues to evolve, students are facing a difficult time finding the motivation to study.

Motivation plays an essential role in individuals’ academic careers, and the best way to find that is through speeches. Motivational speech for students can help them learn about the challenges that many successful people face when reaching where they are today. They offer more insight into how they dealt with certain situations and how they made time for things that were really important. Consequently, they will want to work hard like motivational speakers.

We have a list of the top five motivational speeches to inspire students and help them focus on their studies.

These motivational speeches from well-known personalities will help you inspire and motivate you for your studies. You can learn how they dealt with various issues in their life and came out on top of it.

Steve Jobs at the Stanford University

The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, is no stranger to problems and issues surrounding his life. Yet, he accomplished incredible things in technology that revolutionized the industry. When speaking at Stanford University, Jobs emphasized trusting your gut.

He talks about the connection between the previous events in your life and how everything has a link. Jobs’ speech about success tells students how they can focus on achieving big things in life. His speech can help you learn how he dealt with the challenges in his life and went on to achieve something big.

J.K. Rowling at Harvard University

J.K. Rowling talking about her struggles at Harvard University is another inspirational speech for students. The writer’s brilliant work includes the fantastic story of Harry Potter. She worked on her story for years to ensure it was perfect.

In her speech at Harvard, she tells her story and how students should not succumb to their fears of failure. Instead, they should use their imagination and try to achieve great things until they succeed. Rowling did many temporary jobs before getting recognition for her work.

She struggled as a single mother but persevered through these tough times. In her speech, she also motivates students to use their imagination in the best possible way.

Susan Cain at TEDx

Introverts might be unable to connect or socialize with other people in society and they tend to stay in their comfort zone, which many believe makes it difficult for them to grow. However, Susan Cain presents a different point of view in her motivational speech.

She says introverts bring exceptional skills and abilities to the table and should receive encouragement for it. Becoming an entrepreneur requires creativity and people skills. But Cain explains how every person should have an environment where they can think and work with productivity. So, if introverts can work in isolation and bring out their best game, then it should not be a problem.

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Bill Gates at Harvard University

The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, gave an inspiring speech to students. One of the key takeaways of his speech is how he addresses his father, saying, “I would come back for his degree.” Gates is one of Harvard’s most successful dropouts, who went on to bring a revolution in the tech sector.

In his speech, he tells students to see the world beyond education. Gates focuses on the importance of education and how it is a privilege for many people. Yet, he tells students to learn about the wider world and the challenges they will face ahead. Here is the link to his complete speech.

Jim Carrey at the 2014 MUM Graduation

Lastly, Jim Carrey’s speech at the 2014 MUM Graduation is an incredible speech that every student should listen to. Jim has always entertained us with his movies and his positive energy on-screen inspires many to be like him.

However, he faced many challenges in his early life before reaching the pinnacle of success. His speech has a profound message that tells us how we can come out of our fears and choose love. His speech stands out for his excellent use of humor, similar to what you would see in his movies.

He tells the story about his father and how he could have become a great comedian. Yet his father chooses his accounting job over his passion. Later, his father lost his job, which was supposedly much safer than becoming a comedian.

Therefore, Jim pointed out in his speech to not be afraid of pursuing your dream as there is no saying whether you will succeed or fail.

Check Out These Motivational Speeches in English Today

These speeches about life from celebrities and tech giants will help you learn about their challenges and how they dealt with them. These motivational speeches in English can help students who have a difficult time focusing on their studies. So, you can check out these videos today and inspire yourself to achieve your goals tomorrow.

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Do I need a high level of Spanish to study at a Spanish university?

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Do I have to speak Spanish to live in Spain?

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No, most cities in Spain are very international. Barcelona, for example, is a very cosmopolitan city and over 52% of the local residents speak English, which makes it very easy for you to fulfill your everyday needs in English. We do, however, offer Spanish courses for beginners or advanced students if you wish to learn the language – your cultural immersion will be more insightful speaking the local language.

Is a Spanish University degree accredited  in my home country?

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Most public and private Universities in Spain provide a globally accredited degree. To ensure it is valid in your country you will need to request information about the specific University/School where you intend to study.

Can I study in Spain completely in English?

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Yes, there are many study options in English for Bachelor,Master/MBA or PhD in Spain. Alternatively there are bilingual courses in English and Spanish available, if you want to learnSpanish while you are here.

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Highly depends on the city. On average you can calculate with a monthly budget of 500€-1000€ which covers:
- Accommodation: the price ranges depending on which kind of accommodation you are looking for, rooms in shared apartments(200-600€), studio flats (400-1000€), student residency (400-1000€)or entire flats (600-1300€).
- Food & Transportation: Monthly average is (100-400€) which covers groceries, public transportation and restaurants.
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