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We offer a wide range of language courses to help students achieve their language learning goals. We will determine your language level, enroll you into the perfect group or private language course, and assist with visa arrangements as well as landing services in order to ensure smooth transition to your chosen city.

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why choose us?

Spanish Language Course?

Diverse Language Course Selection

We offer a variety of language course in different cities, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether you are a beginners or want a more intensive Spanish language course, we will help you find the right course for you. Our language schools are carefully selected to ensure quality education and an immersive learning experience.

University Pathway Specialist (Public Access)

Our University Pathway Program combines Spanish language courses with University Preparation Modules, preparing you for the access higher education in Spain. Enhance your language skills while gaining the qualifications needed to succeed in your academic journey.

Visa Assistance & Arrival Support

All our language centers are accredited by Instituto Cervantes and ensue your successful visa application. Moreover, our team aids in finding appropriate housing and acquiring the essential residence permit, facilitating a hassle-free arrival and smooth transition to your new city.

What is included?

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Success Stories

StudiesIn made finding a language course in Barcelona effortless. Their exceptional support in course selection, visa handling, and accommodation was highly commendable. They helped me find a basic Spanish language course. Highly recommended!

Sarah, USA

Thanks to StudiesIn, I'm now studying Spanish in Madrid. They provided invaluable guidance throughout the process, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience. I am truly impressed!

Ahmed, Egypt

I'm extremely grateful to StudiesIn for their assistance in arranging my language course in Valencia. The visa process was smooth, and their landing services were exceptional. I highly recommend their services!

Maria, Mexico

StudiesIn went above and beyond in finding me a fantastic language course in Seville. The visa arrangements were seamless, and the recommended school exceeded my expectations. I can't recommend them enough!

Luca, Italy

I can't thank StudiesIn enough for their support in finding a language course in Barcelona. They made the visa process easier, and the school they connected me with was exceptional. It was an amazing experience!

Ana, Brazil
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How can I select the most appropriate language course?

Our knowledgeable team at StudiesIn will evaluate your language learning objectives, preferences, and current skill level to recommend the ideal language course for you.

Is it possible to switch to a different language course after starting?

Depending on the policies of the language school, it may be feasible to switch to another course. We will provide guidance on the available options and any necessary requirements.

Are there language courses available for beginners?

Certainly! We offer language courses suitable for students at all proficiency levels, including those who are beginners. You can embark on your language learning journey with no prior knowledge of the language.

Will StudiesIn Assist With Visa Arrangements?

Yes, our team will offer valuable support and advice throughout the visa application process, ensuring you have the required documentation and meet all the necessary criteria.

Do You Provide Landing Services, Such as Accommodation and Assistance With Obtaining a Residence Permit?

Absolutely! StudiesIn provides comprehensive landing services, including helping you find suitable accommodation and facilitating the process of obtaining a residence permit, if needed.

Can I Arrive Before the Start of My Language Course?

Certainly! You have the flexibility to arrive before your language course begins. We can assist you in arranging accommodation and offer guidance on the various activities and resources available in your chosen city.