How Does the StudiesIn System Work?

Studying abroad allows international students to discover different countries and get a new perspective on life. It provides unparalleled opportunities for personal and academic growth, all while allowing a career after finishing education. When a student travels to another country for studies, they discover a different culture and meet new people from diverse backgrounds. All these factors contribute to a student’s personal and professional development, allowing them to become better versions of themselves.

Do Platforms Like StudiesIn Help?

Many countries offer study abroad programs, which are often unique. Likewise, all students are looking to benefit from various educational programs. For instance, you may be looking into an undergraduate scholarship program, whereas your sibling needs a master’s degree to complete their education. Both of you will also likely expect different benefits from these study abroad programs.

Now imagine: a world full of students hooked on the same task of searching for a university that best fits their needs. While there is a university for you that will meet your requirements and provide the education you deserve, it will not be easy to find. Finding a suitable study abroad program can be challenging, as students often spend so much time searching, that they miss the application due dates. Taking such risks is never a great idea if you want a promising future.

Knowing where you can find the right scholarship program for you can mean the difference between studying abroad and missing a golden opportunity. Fortunately, platforms like StudiesIn help international students make their dreams of studying abroad a reality. Once you find your dream university, you can look for a suitable scholarship through the same platform. Moreover, these platforms also help students find grants, loans, funds and other types of financial aid to start their journey.

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What is StudiesIn?

StudiesIn is an online platform that allows students to find their dream university abroad. It uses information from the student, such as their location, preferences and educational background, to hook them up with a university. The best university is one that offers learning opportunities for local and international students alike. It should be internationally recognisable  and have a reputation for providing quality education, excellent student experience and a top notch faculty. You should also be able to find your preferred majors and minors at this institution, along with extracurricular activities for the personal development of students. StudiesIn is a student portal that allows you to find the best university and much more. The highly intuitive platform keeps students’ concerns in mind. StudiesIn launches a digital campus rich in helpful information for students looking to study abroad. It is a secure student portal that provides you with relevant information.

StudiesIn- What Are the Benefits

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Excellence and quality are the top priority of the StudiesIn platform. Whether you’re an old client or new, you will be met with the same commitment and core organizational principles. Here are some benefits of using the StudiesIn system.

Admission-Focused Features and Tools

Perhaps the best thing about using the StudiesIn student portal is the instant and easy access to its features and tools. As soon as you visit the portal, you will find that it is simple to use for international students worldwide.

  • Available on any device
  • Inbuilt messaging feature
  • Applicant-supportive design
  • Privacy-restricted portal
  • Unlimited user accounts

Efficient Admission

When students decide where they want to study abroad, they can proceed to the admission process through the StudiesIn portal. Want to avoid the hassle of writing an application and motivational letter and mailing it to the university? The StudiesIn portal eliminates this step from your admission process. Simply go to your chosen university, get their application form, fill it and click ‘Submit.’ As such, you can complete and submit your application forms online. Moreover, you don’t even need to go to the university’s official website and download the necessary documents. Instead, it is just one click away on the StudiesIn student portal.

How to Use StudiesIn

As we already mentioned, the StudentIn portal is straightforward to use. You can sign up using your email address and create a password for your new StudiesIn account. Once done, you can access the platform and find your dream university.

What happens when an applicant forgets their password?

Go on the login page of your student portal and click on the ‘forgot password’ tab. Then, enter the email address you used when signing up on StudiesIn. You will receive an email address with a web link to reset the password for your account.

Can an applicant withdraw their application?

If you have changed your mind, you can withdraw your admission application anytime. Simply go to the ‘communication’ chat-box  and convey this information. StudiesIn will then make the necessary arrangements to cancel your application.

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Bottom Line

Many students dream about studying abroad, and understandably so. Studying abroad increases international students’ job and career prospects while giving them a chance for personal development.

However, traveling to a foreign country for education is no easy task and comes with plenty of challenges. It can be expensive, considering most international students have a set budget. In this case, scholarships can help cut down on the total costs to a great extent. But, how can you find scholarships with your preferred grant percentage? Digital platforms like StudiesIn are a quick, effective and promising solution.

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