Study Computer Science in Spain

Spanish universities are well-renowned for offering world-class computer science programs and an encouraging environment. Graduates who obtain their computer science degrees can find work as coders, software developers, and programmers, all lucrative and in-demand jobs.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to studying computer science abroad:

Can You Study Computer Science Online in Spain?

You can also choose to study computer science online in Europe in English. For this, you can check the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science in Harbor Space University
  • Degree in Computer Engineering in Universidade Santiago de Compostela
  • Degree in Computer Engineering and Virtual Technologies at Universidad Loyola

Why Study Computer Science in Spain

Let’s now discuss a few reasons you should study computer science in Spain:

High-Quality Programs
Spanish universities are famous worldwide for their excellent undergraduate and postgraduate computer science programs. The country is well-renowned for its quality of education, excellence in teaching, innovation, and research. Moreover, the technology sector in Spain has been experiencing exceptional advancement within the past few decades.

Unlock Incredible Job Opportunities
The use of computers is prevalent across all industries. So, naturally, computer scientists can work across many industries. Plus, earning a degree in computer science in Spain helps you unlock job opportunities in Latin America and Europe.

Wonderful Culture
While studying computer science in Spain is an excellent idea, you’ll also enjoy additional benefits like a fascinating culture, colorful festivals, and picturesque views. After spending the day studying and working, Spaniards enjoy using outdoor activities and an excellent climate.

Hence, the Spanish culture will motivate you to work hard and enjoy life better.

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How long Does it take to study Computer Science in Spain?

Depending on the program you enroll in, the time required may differ. Here are the years of study for computer science in Spain:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Bachelor’s programs in CS in Spain require a minimum of three years, during which students learn various subjects. It includes:
  • Calculus
  • Physics
  • Programming
  • Software Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Master’s Degree: If you want to enroll for a master’s degree in computer science, you will have to invest one to two full study years.
  • Ph.D. : earning a doctoral degree requires three to five years.

How to Study Computer Science in Spain?

Studying computer science in Spain requires you to meet an eligibility criterion. It includes:

  • Completing the universities entry requirements
  • Submitting high school, bachelor’s, or master’s education academic transcripts
  • Proof of Spanish Language Proficiency (or English Language proficiency if your selected university uses that as the medium of instruction)
  • If you choose a CS program taught in English, you’ll have to provide IELTS or TOEFL test scores
  • If you choose a Spanish schedule, you must submit DEHLE scores

Here’s a detailed look at the requirements for studying computer science in Spain:

Admission Requirements to Keep in Mind
The admission requirement for studying computer science in Spain differs for international and Spanish students. International students have to validate their qualifications and provide language test results. They may also have to submit documentation in Spanish.

Entry Requirements
Spanish universities require international students to submit high school certificates during the admission process. Moreover, international students must validate their diplomas at the Spanish embassy to meet the eligibility criteria.

Selection Criteria
Many Spanish universities use a selection criterion to decide who gains admission when more applicants are available than places.
Hence, the university provides priority to students eligible for direct admission.

Application Process
International applicants have to submit their university applications through SNUDE. If your application is successful, you’ll receive a Credencial de Acceso.’

But if you’re an applicant outside of China and the EU, your application process will start at the Spanish embassy. He’s a detailed look at how the application process works:

Before Admission
The admission process starts with:

  • Choosing a computer science course that fits your interest
  • Selecting a university that meets your needs and offers a quality CS course
  • Checking the eligibility criteria and ensuring you can apply
  • Applying for a couple of universities before their deadlines
  • Preparing for entry exams
  • After Admission
  • After getting an admission, you will have to:
  • Apply for a student visa
  • Find accommodation near your university in Spain
  • Start your studies
  • Tuition Fees
    Computer science courses in Spain are affordable. However, the total tuition fee varies in public and private universities and the number of credits per program.

Typically, an academic year in Spain comprises 60 ECTS credits, each costing between €12 and 30 in public universities. Thus, the total pay for a computer science degree in Spain totals approximately €720 to €1,800. Master’s programs include 16 to 45 credit courses, which results in an average of €2700 per year. You’ll also have to include living costs, around €800 to €900.

However, consider that living costs may vary depending on your lifestyle and city.

The Best Universities to Study Computer Science in Spain

Spain has prestigious universities, many of which rank among the top worldwide. International students in Spain get the chance to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in today’s global market.

Moreover, students gain knowledge from highly experienced professionals who give them the confidence to stand out in the science job sphere.
Here we discuss the top universities to study computer science and enrich your skillset in Spain:

Polytechnic University of Catalonia
The Polytechnic University of Catalonia, or BarcelonaTech, is a famous public university in Barcelona renowned for excellence and quality. The UPC has a reputation for providing students with fantastic academic opportunities in engineering, architecture, and technology. With over 30,000 students and teaching staff, 65 undergraduate programs, 73 graduate programs, and 49 doctorate programs, the university ranks 10thin Spain.

Complutense University of Madrid
Among the oldest universities in Spain, the Complutense University of Madrid dates back to 1293. Today, the university provides students access to world-class facilities, quality education, library resources, a fun environment, and a path toward success. The Complutense University of Madrid ensures excellence in computer science degrees alongside various disciplines.

University of Granada
The University of Granada is expansive in Spain and well-renowned for its commitment to quality and excellence. The university offers students an extensive selection of programs, including 70 undergraduate programs, 100 master’s programs, and 28 Ph.D. courses.

Employability rate of Computer Science in Spain

Spain provides limitless career opportunities for computer science graduates, including data scientists, business analysts, web developers, software developers, and even academia. Obtaining a degree in CS from well-renowned Spanish universities helps you discover countless career paths, each equally lucrative.

What Is The Average Salary of Computer Science Graduates in Spain?

Not to mention, technology and engineering are among the top three high-demand jobs in Spain. So, it is no surprise that CS graduates in Spain earn an average of 4620 EUR per month.

The Bottom Line

Studying computer science in Spain opens you to a new way of learning, working, and living. In Spain, you get access to high-quality education alongside a distinct culture. Moreover, as technology continues to revolutionize, the need for computer scientists and IT professionals also increases. Thus, earning a CS degree in Spain will provide you with a deeper understanding of the use and development of technology around the globe.


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