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You Want to Study in Spain but Don't Know What To Do

With the StudiesIn Team we commonly assist international students that are browsing the web, searching how, where and what to study abroad in Spain. However they quickly realize that it is a complex process and a lot of times the students figure out that they do not even know what they wish to study.

Luckily a lot of international students have found us; StudiesIn, which is the leading end-to-end study abroad portal for Spain. We have helped over 6,000 students from more than 80 nationalities with a staggering 96% visa acceptance and university admission rate.  

The first step in the process is that the students we aid do the Orientation Package. This is great for students that want to get started and get an expert level personalized study abroad plan (including eligibility check and further package discounts) for a very accessible price. The Orientation Package gives students the possibility to test the value of our platform and consultants before going ahead with a complete relocation package. Orientation Package users usually go on to purchase more complete study in Spain Premium packages, where we help with all the more technical bureaucracy that comes with living/studying in Spain.

Next, students that work with our platform will explore courses with our state-of-the-art AI course finder and save and compare the programs. Next, in the Initial Call, the information you provide us will be crucial for your assigned study abroad expert to understand your profile and your academic dreams to give you the best guidance and recommendations.

Orientation Package

Continuing along your StudiesIn journey, you will then follow the orientation onboarding. What does the journey entail? 

  1. First, complete the study preference questions in your student profile and upload your most recent transcripts. 
  2. With your input, our platform matches you with a Study Abroad Expert who is a specialist in your specific study field to increase your overall success chances.
  3. Based on your profile, our research team checks and compares more than 12,000 programs in Spain, and hand picks the top 10 study options which you are eligible for. We add 'ambitious' options and the ‘’plan B’’ options, just to make sure you never miss out on your journey."
  4. Your Study Abroad Expert calculates your admission chances and the requirements to access the selected courses.
  5. Now, it's time for your Orientation Session. You can do this from the comfort of your own home. During this session, you will receive in-depth study consultation from your Study Abroad Expert. Your final course selection will be presented alongside the universities, cities, costs, requirements and deadlines. We will explain step by step what you need to do to get accepted and answer all your study abroad questions.
  6. Finally, you will get a personalized study abroad plan. It's your action plan to realize your journey to Spain. It includes everything from shortlisted programs to next steps, complete financial breakdown for your first abroad year, recommended StudiesIn package and much more.
  7. Bonus Benefits - But wait, there's more. You'll also get exclusive StudiesIn discounts, and access to our 'Do it Yourself' video course.

All these amazing features for 99 Euros. It is a small investment to see what StudiesIn can do for you before making a life changing commitment. We are looking forward to guiding you on this exciting journey to Spain.

The Orientation Session is as follows: The Study Abroad Expert that will assist you in this session will have the highest compatibility with you. Whether it is having helped other students with the same nationality, studying in the same city in Spain, the same university or field. Essentially this is a counselor with a proven track record of admission success who has helped students with similar dreams and challenges as yourself. 

Imagine you want to study medicine in a top ranked university in Spain. Without an expert in the field it is very complicated to get into a highly coveted program like Medicine. A medicine application requires certain wording, process knowledge and fulfilling all requirements. Additionally it helps if your Study Abroad Expert pushes the university to show your case to the faculty member in charge. This can only be done due to the year of the experiences of the medical Study Abroad Expert. We help students present their profiles to their dream universities and since we have good relationships with Universities we know exactly what the admission departments are looking for.

The Orientation Session is a personalized 1 on 1 consultation with your matched Study Abroad Expert that increases exponentially your chances of success. This specialist, senior counselor, will explain a shortlist of up to 10 study options and the pathways to access these programs including: 

  • Information about universities
  • Information about programs
  • Costs
  • Eligibility with and without foundation program and/or language program
  • Requirements
  • Deadlines

Additionally, during the Orientation Session, if necessary to your case, you will be provided with an explanation of the various details of the Spanish public education system. Since every autonomous Spanish state has different regulations. There will be an in depth dialogue, Q & A, discussing your options and any further information you might need. An overview of your complete study abroad plan will be provided. The final step will be for you to choose 1 to 5 study options you want to apply for and to give us a confirmation of so within 2 days.

How we prepare for your Orientation Session:

The way we prepare for our students and their Orientation Session is over a week’s period where we have a weekly meeting where we discuss the individual student cases to find the most suitable options.. Once we receive your transcripts and documents, our research team makes an in depth analysis of your academic background and requirements from the information you gave us in our first  (15 minute) free Initial Call. By matching your requirements with more than 12,000 available study programs in Spain, we come up with approximately 10 of the best study options available, personally, for you.

Premium Packages

In StudiesIn there are 3 different levels of premium packages which are the Orientation Package, the Application Package and the Pro Package. However in practice our platform will analyze and evaluate your profile and study abroad necessities and create a tailored plan specifically for you. You can kick off your journey today, depending if you need help with your application process (we provide strategies on how to get into the best schools), Housing and insurance (need this to have the highest chance on visa), Visa process, Start studying, Residence permission and internships.

After purchasing the Orientation Package you can access discounts up to 30% and access exclusive discounts on pathway programs. For example in the most complete premium package, the Pro Package, you can access a 15 % discount on the fee, after the Orientation Package.

With the Pro Package you will be assisted with your admission, visa, and residence. We will support you from now until you are at university in Spain and your residence permit is settled. Most students usually work at least 6-12 months with us.

StudiesIn is an end-to-end study abroad portal and we also provide a support student success team that is at your disposal, available 24/7.

If you believe that the StudiesIn Team is the right fit for you, contact us and book your 15 minute free Initial Call today, and let us help you reach your academic goals. We wish all the best for you and great success in your future academic endeavors.

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