How To Get A Student Visa?

If you have decided to study in Spain, you should know all the requirements that foreigners need to fulfill to obtain a student visa. Also, find out if with this visa you can work in Spain or not. After you are clear about what you want to study and where you want to do it, you should start gathering all the requirements to obtain the student visa for Spain. Keep in mind that the time it takes to obtain this visa is between 1 and 3 months, so you should calculate your time well before travelling.

If you do not belong to the European Community and you plan to stay in the country for more than 180 days, you must submit the following documents to the Spanish Consulate in your country in order to obtain your student visa:

  • Visa application form that you can find on the Consulate’s website.
  • Colour photographs, passport size and white background.
  • Valid passport (original and copy).
  • Previously completed academic transcripts. For some countries the Apostille of the Hague is required.
  • Admission letter from the study centre.
  • Medical insurance with an insurance company that can operate in Spain and that covers the whole period of the student’s stay.
  • Letter or certificate of criminal record.
  • Letter of invitation or accommodation.
  • Medical certificate validating that the applicant does not suffer from diseases that could seriously affect public health.
  • Proof of sufficient economic funds to cover the stay for the period for which the visa is requested. If the funds belong to a family member, these documents must be duly notarized and apostilled. The economic solvency is to cover the expenses of stay and maintenance (minimum 540 euros per month), as well as to be able to cover the totality of the course that you will carry out.
  • In the case of underage students, authorization from parents or guardians stating the centre, organisation or entity responsible for the activity and the planned period of stay.

In case your period of stay is less than three months, a Short Term Visa, also known as Schengen Visa, will be issued. The applicant must complete his or her studies within the period for which he or she has been authorised to stay in Spain, as this short-stay visa is not extendable.

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Can I renew my student visa?

Yes, you can renew your student visa 60 days prior to its expiration date or 90 days thereafter. To do so, you must initiate the procedure through the immigration office of the place where you are studying.

Can I work with my student visa?

You can have a part time job when you are on a student visa (20 hours a week). The Spanish student visa does not allow you to work full time in Spain. However, you can use it to do an internship by signing an agreement with your study centre. The internships usually have an economic remuneration for the students. On the other hand, in case the company you work for gives you a contract, this can help you to obtain the work visa and not have problems during your stay in Spain.

How do I obtain my TIE?

The Foreigner’s Identity Card (TIE) is the document that you must obtain when you arrive in Spain, as it legally identifies all foreigners who are in the country. In order to obtain it, you must apply for it within one month of your arrival in Spain. The first thing you must do is to obtain your appointment for “Fingerprinting and issuance of Foreigners’ Identity Card” by presenting the following documentation:

  • Original passport and copy
  • Form EX17
  • Fee model 790012
  • Three color photographs, white background and passport size.
  • Visa
  • Certificate of census registration

If you have any questions regarding visas in Spain, please contact us and our legal department will help you with the process.

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