International Student Housing Barcelona, Spain

Whether it's living in a highrise or near a cobblestone street, there are a few things you should know about living abroad in Spain. Here are our recommendations for apartments, neighborhoods and priorities for students living in Barcelona

Key Considerations when looking for Housing in Barcelona as an International Student

Proximity to Public Transportation

It is important to prioritize proximity to the metro and bus stop- as you will want to discover everything around you. Additionally, planning to live near public transportation will help on those days when you accidentally sleep through your alarm! 

Cost of Living 

Certain neighborhoods are more cost-friendly for students. Below, you will find some recommendations for student-loved areas in Barcelona that allow you to save some money. Don’t forget to use our StudiesIn code to make accommodations even cheaper.

Proximity to University 

In addition to public transportation, you will want to make sure wherever you live is fairly close to your place of study. This will allow you to have a shorter commute and more opportunities to hang out with peers after class.

Study Spaces and Libraries

There’s nothing worse than sitting down, preparing to dive into homework, and being unable to concentrate. This is why wherever you live, you should have either a nice coffee shop or a library around! This provides you with a reliable space where you can be your productive self.

This checklist will help you when deciding on what living space will be most suitable for a student. Now, let’s explore some of the types of spaces you can choose!

Types of Accommodations


The perks of living in an apartment is a great way to explore and integrate into a new neighborhood. Totally immersing yourself in residential life, you will learn how it truly feels to live in Barcelona- whether it is getting to know your neighbors or learning the Spanish recycling program! 

Student Residence Halls 

This option tends to gravitate towards those comfortable in a dormitory-style accommodation. With shared kitchens, lounges, and bathrooms, you will meet many of your peers and strengthen those classroom relationships! 

Homestay/ Host Family Rooms-to-Rent

Depending on your program, a homestay may be an option for you! Completely immerse yourself in the Spanish and Catalan languages and make lasting friendships with locals. This is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to truly experience Barcelona and create amazing memories!

Youth Hostels

Budget-friendly accommodations with shared facilities for young travelers. Ideal for budget-conscious travelers. Offer communal living spaces and amenities like Wi-Fi and laundry facilities.

Shared Flats

Rooms in shared apartments with other students. Typically include shared common areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Utilities may be included in the rent.

International Student Housing Cost in Barcelona

Student Housing Types

Student Housing Types

Housing Type Average Cost
Apartments for Rent €900 – €1300/month
Student Residence €500 – €1500/month
Host Families €20 – €40/night
Youth Hostels €25 – €150/night
Shared Flats €350 – €600/month

Neighborhood and District Recommendations

Whether you choose an apartment, residence hall, or homestay- you will need to choose a neighborhood first! Here are some student-friendly options for neighborhoods in Barcelona. 

La Sagrada Familia in Gràcia


First up is Gràcia. Located near La Sagrada Familia, Gracia is a wonderful and artsy neighborhood beloved by students and locals alike. With a relatively low cost of living, Gracia is close to both IED Barcelona and the INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School. Additionally, check of the study space requirement- as Gracia has two stellar libraries closeby: Vila de Gràcia and Jaume Fuster libraries

The Gothic Quarter in Ciutat Vella 

Ciutat Vella District 

Ciutat Vella is located in District 1 of Barcelona and translates to the “Old City” in Catalan. With its romantic cities, gothic architecture, and intimate cobblestone streets, Ciutat Vella has an old European village vibe in a big, bustling city. 

This district is both to the metro, and contains some popular neighborhoods like the Gothic quarter, Raval, Barceloneta and Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and la Ribera. Whether you prefer being closer to the beach in Barceloneta, or admiring the Roman ruins in the Quarter- Ciutat Vella is a great place to call home.

La Universidad de Barcelona in Eixample

L’Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample

Living in l’Eixample as a student is a choice you won’t regret. Eixample is home to universities like: 

In addition to serving as the hub for Universities in Barcelona, Eixample also houses three different libraries including:

  • Biblioteca Publica Arus
  • Sofia Barat Public Library
  • Biblioteca Publica Episcopal de Barcelona

Lastly, many restaurants and shops in Eixample operate at a student price point, so it makes going out with friends even more budget-friendly!

El Poblenou

El Poblenou

If you’re looking for a place full of fun events and clubs, then Poblenou is the place for you. Located close to the beaches of Barcelona, Poblenou contains popular clubs like Razzmatazz and fun beaches like Playa de Bogatell. Aside from being centrally located, Poblenou is closest to the following Universities:


And these wonderful libraries:

  • Ramon d’Alos-Moner Library
  • Poblenou-Manuel Arranz Library
  • Sant Marti de Provençals Library

Furthermore, don’t miss out on fun events like the Palo Alto Market and concerts at Razzmatazz!

La Maternitat i Sant Ramon

La Maternitat i Sant Ramon

If you are looking for a place specifically for its proximity to your university, look no further- Sant Ramon is the place for you! Located in the les Corts district, Sant Ramon is close to the train network, and these following universities:

  • EU Business School
  • IESE Business School
  • The Technical University of Catalonia
  • the University of Barcelona
  • Dexeus University Hospital

While not necessarily known for its nightlife, Sant Ramon makes up for it with its cool locations like the Les Corts skatepark, FC Barcelona facilities, and the L’illa Diagonal Shopping Center. 

Have any more questions, or want to hear from some locals on their recommendations? Feel free to ask our team at StudiesIn- after all, we know Spain best!

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