List of Graduate Schools With Low GPA Requirements

Did you barely get the minimum GPA score to pass at your current school? Applying to a new school for further education can be challenging when your grades are on the lower end. However, you should know that some schools in Spain still take in students with a lower GPA for higher education. These students will study under highly experienced mentors/teachers, while learning their favourite subjects.

Barely reaching the GPA threshold to pass college doesn’t mean you’re less worthy of getting a high-quality education. However, we should take this opportunity to break a common stereotype that only the most popular universities and schools create the most successful students. Let’s start by identifying what a low GPA is.

What’s a Low GPA?

Before we learn about the schools that cater to students despite their average GPA, you should first be able to identify what is a low GPA. What are your personal goals and target colleges? For instance, your dream college requires an average science GPA of 3.5, but you only end up getting a 2.5. That’s a low GPA. Furthermore, your personal goals matter here as well. Nonetheless, the general rule of thumb to classify a GPA as “low” is to check whether it’s below 3. Any GPA value below three is considered low in most regions. Hence, you might have to move past those popular schools and start searching for ones that cater to students with average GPAs.

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Schools with Low GPA Requirements in Spain

Make sure you check the GPA requirements of a university beforehand, which means you have to check if your GPA is in accordance with the correct GPA scale. Some European schools use a 5.0 GPA scale, while some others use a 4.0 GPA scale. Here are the prominent schools in Spain that have set a low prerequisite GPA.

Universidad de Salamanca

Salamanca University is one of Spain’s best schools that take in students with a lower GPA. It is one of the oldest institutions to offer an opportunity for higher learning in Spain. It emerged in 1218 under the supervision of King Alfonso IX. In 1929, it became the first university in Spain to offer Spanish language courses to international students. The school divided its academic year into multiple semesters to make it easier for students to cope with their syllabus requirements and tuition fees. The bachelor’s program tuition fees are between 1,000 and 3,000€ every year. If you have a GPA below 3.0 but higher than or equal to 2.7, you can apply to the University of Salamanca. You also need to have a good score in Spanish.

Universidad Politécnica de València

This affordable and low GPA requirement university is present in Valencia, Spain. Valencia is one of the most affordable cities with a considerably lower cost of living. Combine that with the accessibility of enrolling for high-quality education, and you get the perfect start for a better academic experience. If you have an average science GPA of 3.0 with at least 60 minimum hours on record, you have a solid chance of getting an admission at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. It’s among the best schools with low GPA requirements that focuses mainly on technology and science. The average yearly tuition fee for Polytechnic University of Valencia students is around 3,000€. While that’s certainly not cheap within a single academic year, the low GPA requirements make it desirable for foreign and local students.

Universidad del País Vasco

“Universidad del País Vasco” or the University of the Basque Country, is a public university present in Spain as part of the Basque Autonomous Community. It offers degrees in fields of business sciences and economic studies. Moreover, you can have the opportunity to learn medicine and sciences under the inspiring faculty. The tuition fees can be anywhere between 1,500 and 4,200€ per year. Multiple semesters divide the academic year at the University of the Basque Country. Typically, students pay an average of 2,600€ per year. The university requires a minimum GPA of 2.7 for applicants to qualify for admissions. That’s a reasonably low requirement considering you can get admission at the school even with an average overall science GPA.

Universidad de Granada

As the name suggests, the University of Granada is in Granada, Spain. The city is one of the most affordable ones in the entire country. The cost of living is low and facilities on offer easily compete with other expensive cities that offer a more exorbitant lifestyle. This university houses more than 60,000 students and forms Spain’s fourth-largest school (university). It opened its doors to the public in the 16th century when Emperor Charles V inaugurated the institution.

The university also has campuses in Melilla and Ceuta. It’s a public university that teaches everything about the changing times and cutting-edge developments. The annual tuition fees for students with a low science GPA or overall minimum GPA is around 821€ per year. The fees are fairly lower than other universities accepting students with low GPA requirements. Needless to say, that doesn’t imply a poor-quality faculty. The minimum GPA requirement to get into the University of Granada, one of the most affordable schools, is 3.0 (on the 4.0 GPA scale). Plus, the applicants must have an above-average Spanish language score.


If you’ve started searching for schools/universities that accept students with a minimum GPA, check out other admission requirements and criteria details. You can still get an incredible higher education if you have a below-average or average GPA. And don’t think that more famous universities can only bring out leaders of different industries. After all, some of the successful people in the world today didn’t even finish college.

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