Study Abroad Programs in Granada, Spain

Exploring Granada:

Studying abroad in Granada for international students means learning about history, culture, and enjoying beautiful places. You'll visit the Alhambra, a famous building that mixes Islamic and Christian styles. Granada's old streets in the Albaicín area have a special history. The city is full of energy with flamenco music and dance. Close to the mountains, you can ski and try tapas in the city. The University of Granada is an old and famous school, making the city lively and exciting. It's a great place to learn about history and culture, and there's lots to do, especially at night.

Scenery of Granada

What Makes Granada Special?

Studying in Granada offers a unique blend of history, culture, and experiences that set it apart from other study-abroad destinations. Here are some reasons to choose Granada:

Rich History and Architecture: 

Granada's crown jewel, the Alhambra, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a staple of the city that reflects centuries of Islamic and Christian history. The city's medieval streets, historic neighborhoods like the Albaicín, and the Generalife Gardens add to the city’s natural beauty.

Cultural Diversity:

Granada's history is heavily influenced by Moorish, Jewish, and Christian cultures which is shown currently through its art, music, and cuisine. 

Natural Beauty:

Resting at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada offers breathtaking landscapes. You can ski in the Sierra Nevada in the morning and relax on the beaches of the Mediterranean coast in the afternoon. Where else in the world can you do that?

University of Granada: 

One of Spain's oldest and most prestigious universities, the University of Granada offers a wide range of courses taught in Spanish and English. Its diverse student body and excellent academic reputation make it an ideal place for international students.


Granada is relatively affordable, unlike other European cities, especially for students. The city's tapas culture, where you often receive free tapas with your drink order, makes dining out more budget-friendly.


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Study Abroad Programs in Granada


The IES Abroad Granada Center is at the heart of the city on Plaza Nueva, happening central point of this destination. With a view of the Alhambra, and walking distance to several schools of the Universidad de Granada, the Center is your study abroad hub. 


ISA is another popular abroad program for international students with programs focusing on: 

  • Hispanic Studies, Spanish Language & Electives in English
  • Intensive Spanish Language
  • Spanish Language & Culture


CEA offers many different programs depending on your area of study. Some of the programs include:

  • Spanish Language & Liberal Arts
  • Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
  • Study & Internship
  • Arabic Cultural Studies in Granada
  • Intensive Spanish Language

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