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Most international students, pick a Spanish city to study abroad at, that they would love to eventually work in. However due to legal requirements, visas, internship agreements and time-consuming job searches, this can be a difficult time to navigate. At StudiesIn, we believe that studying for exams, learning, making deadlines and acing assignments should be your primary responsibility. Therefore we aim to reduce as many extra-curricular stresses as possible. This blog post will equip you with all the necessary knowledge and tools to job hunt effectively and ultimately be able to work in your dream city in Spain.

Work in Spain Jobs

There is loads of work in Spain. Spain is the 4th largest economy in the European Union and still has labour shortages higher than the global average. What this means for you as a Student in Spain is a world of opportunities and potential. However it is crucial to have and know the tools of where to find jobs. We have compiled in the following shortlist, the best websites for job hunters to find their dream jobs.

LinkedIn: world's largest professional networks on the internet. It is the ideal place for anyone to find a Job or internship and to build a professional network. 

Infojobs: Spain's top employment website with a huge database and employer branding support.

Trabajos: Ideal for blue-collar jobs, offering a wide range of hands-on opportunities.

Turijobs: Specialised in tourism and hospitality jobs, perfect for part-time work fitting your student schedule.

Infoempleo: Known for employer-candidate matching, with a variety of job types and support tools.

Indeed: A global job-search giant, easy to transition into for your job search in Spain. Offers ease of use with a clear website design, a variety of job searches, and CV support.

Hosco: Popular for short-term or seasonal catering and hospitality work, great for students.

Think Spain: Ideal for finance, media, and education job seekers, focusing on specific markets.

Xpatjobs: Catering to English speakers and expats, offering work opportunities regardless of fluency.

Taking into account the diversity of job preferences and fields of work this is a summarised list of the widely available tools for students looking for jobs in Spain. 

Hospitality worker

Requirements to work in Spain

This article will give a general view of the job market in Spain and will not go in depth into the work visa requirements and the legal nuances but we encourage you to read the following article for detailed visa information: ¨Visa Process Per Nationality¨, ¨How To Get A Student Visa?¨.

Visa Documentation

Work in Spain as an EU Citizen Student

To work in Spain as an EU citizen student has its advantages since a work visa or permit is not a necessity to start working and land a job. You will need to check how many hours your university allows you to work part-time and if they provide internship student agreements. An internship student agreement is a document that companies usually require to hire students for entry-level positions such as an Internship, in Spain. 


Work in Spain as a Foreigner (International student)

To work in Spain as a Foreigner and a non-EU citizen student, there are a few more challenges to overcome. In the case that a student is not from an EU-country, you will need to apply for a work permit and Visa. Usually universities' student visas give you permission to work in Spain however after finishing your degree you will have to get an official work visa. Furthermore the problem is that this work visa usually has to be granted and issued by the company you will work for and a lot of companies try to avoid that hassle. It can be a good idea to start working part-time before the student visa ends, with an internship student agreement, to prove your value as an employee to a company that will then gladly assist you in acquiring your work visa. Usually the requirements for international students to work is that they can work a maximum of 30 hours per week and need to sign a training agreement between themselves, the university and the employer.

Intern Name Teg

How to work in spain for english speakers

The English language is currently the world's lingua franca, meaning that it is the most commonly used language worldwide to communicate regardless of nationality or cultural differences. Therefore, being an English speaker in Spain is a great advantage when searching for a Job. However it is definitely encouraged to learn Spanish because apart from the obvious reason that it will come in handy in your day-to-day life, a lot of job postings require more than a conversational level of fluency in Spanish. Additionally, after Mandarin Chinese, Spanish is the 2nd most spoken native language in the world!

Move to Work in Spain - Final words

Finding work in Spain is a rewarding path to success. This is evident since a lot of the students we help and assist at StudiesIn, pick a university and city in Spain with the dream of working there, in mind. Have a look at the different articles we have in the Careers section of StudiesInfo to help you operate the challenging but enriching opportunities that the Spanish professional landscape has to offer. At StudiesIn, located in Barcelona, Spain, we are experts in, studies, work and life in Spain. Therefore, if you have any further worries or questions do not hesitate to book a call or contact us directly via email or whatsapp found below. Lastly, we are wishing you much success in your future professional and academic endeavours.

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